Dave Morgan Productions Presents

An Afternoon Lost In The Ozone Again

with The Commander Cody Band & Some Old Friends

To Benefit The Stevens-Swan Humane Society 

Ask not, what your dog can do for you, ask what you can do for your dog!

 Sunday Sept 23, 2012

Doors open 2p.m. Music Starts 3p.m.

Herkimer VFW
129 Mohawk Street Herkimer NY

Phone: Dave Morgan (315) 736-7765


GOES TO: Stevens Swan Humane Society 

( Food and drinks Sold Separately by: VFW.)

Music By:

 Commander Cody and His Band
(Playing his top 10 hits, Hot Rod Linclon, Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar, Lost In The Ozone Again, and many many more! )

The Tichy Boys Band
(Featuring John Tichy From Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen)

For John and Graham Tichy, rock and roll is simply in the blood line. And after years of separate musical adventures (and the more-than-occasional collaboration) the father and son are now closing ranks to front a ringer band and unleash some of the most genuine roots music, rock and roll, classic country, and rockabilly.
...The senior Tichy, John, is of course a founding member of the legendary Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, the pioneering group that swept out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and lit up the early 1970s musical scene in San Francisco with its brand of barroom country, western swing, rockabilly, and rhythm and blues. The world soon took notice, and Tichy and his bandmates helped change the face of popular music with their diverse Americana blend. The group’s albums would go down in history as some of the most noteworthy of the era.

Guitarist-singer Tichy was a key player, offering up memorably soulful vocal performances on songs such as the classic country tearjerkers “Cryin’ Time” and “Family Bible.” After confusing the heck out of the hippie generation while nonetheless ensuring their place in the annals of rock-and-roll history, the original group parted ways in 1976. John Tichy, Ph.D. in hand, embarked on a whole different path, becoming a professor in the department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York, where he would eventually serve as department chair—a seemingly long way from the days of packed arenas and sharing stages with the likes of the Byrds and the Grateful Dead.
But while this could have been the end of one story and the beginning of another, the music simply lived on. In 1978, Tichy’s son Graham arrived, with the genetic rock-and-roll code already locked in. Reared in a house in Rensselaer County, NY, where blues, country, rockabilly, and other such raw and genuine forms of music were omnipresent, Graham sponged it up. As he grew older, he evolved into a formidable guitarist in his own right, first with his youthful rockabilly group Rocky Velvet and then with a host of other nationally notable rock-and-roll and rockabilly groups.
From his beginnings as a local sensation—consistently winning “best-guitarist” nods in his native region—he soon broke out into wider arenas, touring Europe, playing guitar for Wanda Jackson (the legendary 1950s “Queen of Rockabilly”), and even assuming the lead guitar spot (subbing for Bill Kirchen) during the long-awaited San Francisco reunion shows of Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen in 2004. The Commander himself, George Frayne, was moved to tell the San Francisco Chronicle, “[John’s] got a genius son, Graham Tichy. . . . He’s become the new rockabilly whiz-kid guitar player. He’s out on the road with Wanda Jackson as we speak. [He’s] just off the road with Robert Gordon. He’s Tichy’s kid and he plays like James Burton used to play with Elvis in the ’60s.”
And now these two musical stories from different generations merge again, as father and son blend their collective musical histories into one entity, the Tichy Boys. They may refer to themselves as the “finest father and son rockabilly duo in all of Rensselaer County,” but it’s also much more than that. It is time for a much wider audience to take note. Again.

The Lustre Kings
(The Kings Of Rockabilly)

Mark Gamsjager and the Lustre Kings play rock and roll the right way. The powerhouse Albany NY combo has wowed crowds at Manhattan's Rodeo Bar, Seattle's Tractor Tavern and all points in-between; and they've done it with uncommon fervor, commitment and flair.

The Gretsch-toting Gamsjager draws from a deeper well than most roots rock acts, giving his music a breadth and depth while still keeping the bar hopping and the dance floor filled.

In addition to their own dates, Mark Gamsjager and the Lustre Kings have also accompanied Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly, for over five years, and frequently work with other seasoned artists like Bill Kirchen, Eddie Angel and Robert Gordon.

Jackson says, "I have worked with many bands around the world through the years, and none are better than Mark Gamsjager and the Lustre Kings. Their fine showmanship and musical ability make them the greatest in my book. THEY ROCK!!"

The Lustre Kings' new, appropriately-titled long-player "Way Out There" (Wild Boar Records) is their fourth and finest effort.

In his liner notes for the album, six-string wizard Deke Dickerson says, "Like a fine wine, the Lustre Kings just get better with each passing year, and this new album has the seasoned bouquet and nutty aftertastes that won’t leave you disappointed."

And one-name-only Really Rockabilly reviewer, Kitti, says, a little more seriously than old Deke, "There is a rockin’ rhythm throughout the album which perfectly unites all the songs. You have a feeling of traveling in time through America, and the Lustre Kings’ time machine will show you the way out of the present and introduce you to doo-wop, country, hillbilly, bop and wild rock’n’roll, and then bring you back to rockabilly."

As noted, "Way Out There" is the fourth full-length platter from the band. The group's righteous Cacophone debut album, "Mark Gamsjager Rocks & The Lustre Kings Roll," was a travelogue of great American rock and roll, with tunes from legends like Gene Vincent and Ronnie Self, as well as from contemporaries like Commander Cody's Billy C. Farlow and the aforementioned Los Straitjackets’ guitar strangler, Eddie Angel.

Amazon.com's Stephen Prisco called the record a keeper, saying "While most rockabilly bands seem to be content with just recreating the sound of classic records from years ago, the Lustre Kings have captured the spirit of that era, tapping into what made those records and artists so great in the first place."

The Lustre Kings’ sophomore effort, "Once a King, Always a King," upped the ante with even more "hot boppin’ rockabilly action," prompting the Berkshire Eagle to proclaim "The Lustre Kings dig deep into early rock and related styles, steering away from a greatest-hits oldies approach, preferring to connect the dots among such unlikely musical bedfellows as Conway Twitty, Peanuts Wilson, Link Wray and Duke Ellington (they even render a surf-guitar version of the Duke’s "Caravan")."

And the killer third album, "That’s Showbiz," the first on the Lustre Kings’ own Wild Boar Records label, caused The Beat to rave "Gamsjager remembers when "rock 'n' roll" actually used to signify something, and his band sounds like it just left Sun Studios yesterday."

The Lustre Kings have a devoted international fan base and they continue to tear up the road every year, performing over 150 dates annually and appearing regularly at events like the Viva Las Vegas Festival (Las Vegas NV), the Heritage Folk Festival (Bangor ME) and the Rockin 50s Fest (Green Bay WI) as well as at famed haunts like the Continental Club (Austin TX), The Sutler (Nashville TN), The Starr Bar (Atlanta GA), The Hi-Tone (Memphis TN), Johnny D’s (Somerville MA), The Big C Jamboree at Martyr’s (Chicago IL) and, of course, the Mid-City Lanes Rock ‘n’ Bowl (New Orleans LA).

Creative Loafing got it right when they said, "The Lustre Kings have a sound so powerful it leaves listeners hungry for more."


Does Humor Belong in Music?.....Frank Zappa
You Bet Your Ass....Dave Morgan

    About this concert:  This whole thing from May 2007 until 2009 has been about Hospice & my ole man. Hospice took great care of him in the end and I was glad to give back.   But from 2009 until I stop doing this, it will be about me & my father's  never ending love for dogs.

     Forest Morgan was and will always be the original DOG WHISPERER. He had a magic with dogs that I've never seen or may never see again.  

    Forest and I,   A.K.A. Pa,  fought with each other, laughed with each other, and got flat on our ass drunk together.   I still consider those times to be the best times of my life.   He loved his dogs more than me, and I loved my dogs more than him, and in the end we had each others backs and loved each other and all those dogs with a passion that will never be matched.  I  think of him, and miss him, every day!



More Info Call: Dave Morgan  315-736-7765

The Duke Of Earl
June 2000-Aug. 28, 2009

On August 28 2009, 3 years to the day after my father died,  Liz and I lost our dog Duke with cancer.   He was the kindest, loving, and most gentle soul I've ever been around.   I don't know if I will ever feel love like that again.   It was maybe not the hardest loss ever, but the one I think I will never recover from. I loved him beyond words.  Those of you who think of your dog as much much more then a pet, will know where I'm coming from!

I will always be grateful to the beautiful people at the Rome NY  Humane Society for giving us Duke.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.................Dave Morgan

Bandit with Dave Morgan and THE GREAT Doctor Jerry Kraus

Bandit is our new addition to the family. Jerry Kraus brought him to the benefit in 2009 and I immediately fell in love, and a week later he was ours. Bandit is a Rot/Shep mix. He looked out for Duke until the end and is a pal to our Newfoundland Moose.

Thank you Jerry I will be forever grateful to you for Bandit, and I'm blessed to call you my friend..........Dave Morgan

Harpo Marx Morgan

To the great Forest Morgan